武田 洋

“Fashion” Makes Every Part of Our Lives Affluent!

  Because everything will change on a global scale in the twenty-first century, enterprises should also innovate themselves thought the paths of creativity, strategies, and a challenging spirit. We think that this self-innovation should flourish customers, business partners, and staff members of the company respectively, and such self-innonvation should be appresiated by all of them. We believe that motivation comes out because we can sympathize with each other.

  Because we are aware of the neccessity of an environment in which each company staff member can use his or her capabilities to the full, we introduced a self-supporting accounting system to all departments long ago, and in order to offer our customers an affluent life-style that is full of dreams, all of the company staff members are developing new products and challenging our entries into new markets every day, believing our possibilities. Given this philosophy, the Marutaya Group has achived rapid growth.
As a global company in the rising generation, we operate under the slogan “generating ideas and working to confirm our ‘rason dere’ out of our vivid social life”, and are committed to challenging new paths to success.